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Typhoid fever is a common disease that very many people across the globe suffer from over time. There has been little investigation into the local medicinal herbs used for the treatment of this disease. Herbal plants used in the treatment of typhoid fever by the Urhobo people in Delta State were investigated in this study.

A well structured questionnaire were administered to the focus group, which comprises of traditional healer, School Teachers and people that were adjudged by the locals to be knowledgeable in the use of medicinal herbs. It was found that beside the use of orthodox medicine, herbal plants were also used for the treatment of the ailment.

The survey shows that majority of the herbs used by these people to treat the disease were used in combination with other herbs.

Year: | Volume: 12 | Issue: 2 | Page: Date of Web Publication, ​Feb The study subjects comprised Urhobo individuals ( males and females). Results: Total ear length, Ear width, Lobular length and.

The Associated Press Staff. Christie’s auction house has defended the sale, saying the artworks were legitimately acquired and the sale will go ahead. In recent years, French courts have consistently ruled in favour of auction houses whose sales of sacred objects, such as Hopi tribal masks, were contested by rights groups and representatives of the tribes. A Princeton scholar, professor Chika Okeke-Agulu, alongside Nigeria’s National Commission for Museums and Monuments, raised alarm earlier this month that the objects were looted during the Biafran war in the late s.

Christie’s wrote earlier this month to the Nigerian commission, saying the sale would go ahead. Okeke-Agulu, who is a member of the Igbo tribe, said the objects were taken through “an act of violence” from his home state of Anambra and that they should not be sold.

Herbs used by the urhobo people in delta state nigeria for the treatment of typhoid fever

A former member of the defunt Bendel state House of Assembly, Chief Michael Oghenekaro, has advocated for the creation of three 3 autonomous Urhobo states considering its present position as the fifth largest ethnic group in the country. Making this case in a paper presented at the Urhobo ethnic nationality summit held at the Petroleum Training Institute Pti Conference Centre at the weekend, the former parliamentarian who represented Ethiope South-East constituency in the Assembly, noted that Urhobos remained the most marginalised ethics group in county today.

While arguing that the Hausas believes to be the largest are having 20 states including FCT, the Yorubas have six states, the Ibos have five states and the Ijaws having two state, he noted that the Urhobos remains the only major ethnic group without a state of their own.

This page: 2. Elder from Arhavwarien, an island community at the southern fringe of the Urhobo area. Arhavwa- rien, Ogberaka Quarter, Edjekota, Ogor Village.

The Urhobo people are a distinct cultural group with their own language, art forms, life-style, and pattern of organizing their kinship, marriage, and family Emekpe Translate Urhobo in English online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge. Chapter As you rest in peace 8. Oghene me. Yoruba Proverbs and Translation. These words occur in a passage wherein the wise man exhorts us to take care of all parts of our nature, which he indicates by members of the body.

The Urhobo has been written side by side with English interpretations and the work is accompanied by an audio cassette in this edition FLV files with images to aid beginners in pronunciation and easy listening at home or on the road. Urhobo Foundation, A call for paper out soon.

Nigeria: Information on the Urhobo and on how a man addresses his stepmother and his wife

Morphological changes of the human pinna in relation to age and gender of Urhobo people in Southern Nigeria D. Correspondence Address : D. Introduction: The knowledge of anthropometry of normal human ear and symmetry is required for the timing of surgical reconstructions, when the contra lateral organ cannot be used as a template and for the design of hearing aid instruments.

Ear prints have a potential for personal identification, and reference anthropometric data that consider age and sex related modifications are necessary.

Presumed dating: Circa ; Size: 61 x 23 cm; Ethnic group: Urhobo; Material(s)​: Wood; Country: Nigeria; Origin: Tribal art collection France. You might also.

The transition from premarital sexual relationships and courtship to marriage and parenthood in southeastern Nigeria involves particularly dramatic adjustments for young women who have absorbed changing ideas about sexuality, marriage, and gender equality, and who have had active premarital sexual lives. In the eyes of society, these women must transform from being promiscuous girls to good wives. Historically, the rise of romantic love as a marital ideal has sometimes been perceived to be associated with greater gender equality, as changes in expectations for and practices in marriage are tied to the erosion of a highly sex-segregated division of labor.

In many settings, transformations in the dynamics of marital intimacy have been interpreted as offering women the possibility of utilizing emotional leverage with their husbands to negotiate more equitable domestic arrangements Collier , Hirsch , Rebhun But in Nigeria changes in marriage and in the public and private dimensions of gender asymmetry have not occurred uniformly or beyond the continuing influence of powerful kinship systems and structures of inequality.

Further, once a couple is married, kin relationships frequently impinge on contemporary conjugal life, perhaps most overtly with regard to fertility and parenting. A gendered division of labor continues to characterize many spheres of Nigerian social life, even as urbanization, formal education, and broader trends toward individualism produce changes that push against entrenched gendered social organization.

In marriage, women are constrained in many ways they did not experience when they were single, even as they have new powers, having achieved a status that is highly valued. These changes, and the ways women adjust to them, highlight the complex and multivalent dimensions of gender dynamics in the context of contemporary Nigerian courtship and marriage. The transition to marriage has always been characterized by noteworthy adjustments. Nearly every society marks the onset of marriage with rituals that signify and facilitate these transformations.

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Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa na di current guvnor of Delta State. Dem born am on 8 July, Okowa start im political waka as secretary for Ika local goment, afta im come become di chairman of Ika North-East local goment for For im resign as commissioner to contest for PDP Guvnorship primaries. Later dat year, im become secretary to Delta State Goment. Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru na number 4 out of 16 pikin.

Bills, Document Date Date of Birth: Chamber: Senate Party: APC Deputy Senate President Address: urhobo house, 34 isoko road, ughelli.

In order to be able to use our website fully functional, you should install a current browser version. You can find a list of recommended browser versions right here. Made of lightweight wood carved, dyed black and white, in a standing position on a round plinth, this small sculpture displays all the features of the Urhobo style: Under a tall cap, the head displays the typical long, vertical decorative scarification marks on the high forehead and neck, with outlined eyes and two plaits on the back of the head, as well as a conspicuously protruding open mouth.

This figure in a marked standing position features two arms hanging free on the sides, further decorative scarification marks on the abdomen and wears ornaments around the neck, chest and hips, as well as large bracelets on both arms and legs. Red remains of powdered redwood from earlier sacrificial offerings are still visible on the plinth. No damage. First half of the 20th century; H: 39 cm. Time left to bid online: Auction finished. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, provide social media features, and analyse traffic to our website.

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Ervwvu: etymology and the aesthetics of beauty in Urhobo cosmology

The patina of use is highly visible, traces of friction are noticeable at the level of the wearer’s chin, the small orifices have clearly suffered the damage of an attachment of ritual dress, the crust patina of this mask is mixed with a perfect polychromy , the characters covered with agile white are in excellent condition, the iconography of this mask is perfect, which make this mask a work of art extremely rare. A similar but less complete copy went to sothe-by’s in May The works of Urhobo, a small, ethno-ethnic group living in the northwestern part of the Niger Delta, which are not well known but of high aesthetic quality, include clay and wood sculptures used to honor ancestors and ancestors.

Urhobo Ladies & Gents Dating Club has members. For GENUINE and SERIOUS MINDED Urhobo Sons and Daughters, who are single, willing to mingle.

This film is a perfect introduction to Jesus through the Gospel of Luke. Jesus constantly surprises and confounds people, from His miraculous birth to His This download is not intended for mass distribution. Urhobo View other Languages. See More. Discussion Questions How is the sacrifice of Jesus part of God’s plan? How do the different groups of people respond to Jesus and His teachings?


She had recently ended a six-year relationship with a man she had dated since attending the University of South Carolina. And she had more than enough to keep her occupied managing the business and personal affairs of her brother, Khris Middleton, who plays for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. Middleton, 29, who was born in Shreveport, La. She had moved to Los Angeles in to pursue a career in sports and entertainment management when the job with her brother opened up.

Middleton said, recalling that night at the Couture. When Mr.

perception on factors among Urhobos in Nigeria. International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health | February | Vol 5 | Issue 2 Page poor.1 in secondary class 2, Grace started dating a young auto-.

AJOL and the millions of African and international researchers who rely on our free services are deeply grateful for your contribution. Your donation is guaranteed to directly contribute to Africans sharing their research output with a global readership. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Ofuafo Abstract Eruvwu is Urhobo word meaning beauty which is a subject that attracts diverse views, meaning and commentaries. There seem to be an agreement however, that one of the objectives of aesthetics is the search for beauty or the interpretation of whatbeautiful is and what it is not.

Beauty being a subjective issue makes aesthetics an inherently controversial field. The concept of beauty differs from one culture or environment to another. The requisites of what is beautiful are predicated upon values that could be historical, socio-cultural or politically interpreted, depending from which perspective or angle the word is viewed from. The paper applies a purely descriptive and qualitative method of research.

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Urhobo Language Development

The Urhobo have two distinct sculptural traditions that employ nearly life-size wooden figures to portray either spirits, or actual or mythic ancestors. Prevalent in Urhobo communities at one time, they represent a lifestyle and religious beliefs that are still maintained in rural areas which have been influenced little by modern and Christian values. The Urhobo believe that individual and collective spiritual forces exist in nature: water, trees, plants, land and air.

The development of Urhobo gospel music can be traced to the Protestant Churches especially the Anglican. Church. The origin of gospel music in Urhoboland is.

DOI: Indigenous medicinal plants form an important component of the natural wealth and culture of a geographical area, the study of plant began with tribal efforts to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants. Scientists are searching for ways to preserve this knowledge and to test them against contemporary diseases. This is a descriptive study that investigated the use of medicinal plants for the treatment of diseases in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta state.

Information was obtained through interviews using structured questionnaires. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS version The analyzed data was presented in descriptive statistics using tables, charts and frequency and inferential statistic using chi-square and Analysis of Variance ANOVA. Result showed that most of the respondents Majority Majority of the respondents

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