Red Wing Stoneware Identification

Is this Red Wing? How old would it be? What do you think it’s worth? Can this chip be repaired? Experts were peppered with questions Sunday at the first Red Wing Pottery Road Show, a free opportunity for the public to get information and advice from people who know an awful lot about products that make Red Wing famous worldwide. An estimated people brought more than pieces of pottery and stoneware, photos and memorabilia to Pottery Place Mall for the event, sponsored by the Red Wing Collectors Society and its foundation, and by the Cannon Valley Red Wing Collectors Club. They came carrying cardboard boxes, plastic tubs and bags, from which they pulled a huge assortment of pieces wrapped in everything from newspapers to bath towels. The items ranged from tiny advertising thimbles to tall churns and salt-glaze jugs made well over years ago.

Treasures: Is this Red Wing vase an antique?

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This process made it easier to identify and date Red Wing pottery. Around , the leaf and ear stamps gave way to the red wing, which.

Or maybe you will want to hop and twirl instead! The football playoffs are in full swing! At Past and Present Home Gallery we have the perfect chair for you to add to the mix — a vintage Ritter dental chair. Christmas has arrived at Past and Present Home Gallery. Red Wing Stoneware Company. Here at Past and Present Home Gallery we host numerous collectible items and one-of-a-kind treasures that each carry a unique story.

One of the most interesting stories is the history of Red Wing. Red Wing can still be considered a household name in the Upper Mid-West. These two simple words bring up memories of making sour-kraut with grandma, water coolers full of summer lemonade, and that special vase or set of dishes hidden away in the cupboard. But what is the story behind the name stamped on thousands of kitchen crocks and butter churns?

The history begins long ago as European settlers came to what would be called the State of Minnesota. They were greeted by the chief of the Dakotah nation and as the friendship between the Dakotah and the settlers grew, the chief gave his name to their settlement: Red Wing. His company designed and created kitchen and food storage vessels for the farming communities. Currently, the oldest Red Wing piece in Past and Present Home Gallery is this 6 gallon crock dating around the year !

Crocks once used for food

All new products also have a circular ink stamp on the base with the full company name and wing trademark Fig. No ink stamp on any original pre Red Wing pottery crocks a wing. The most likely new pieces to be offered as old are the unusual shapes such as covered jars, pitchers and pots. Sponged and used decorations visiting further increase the value.

Red Wing Stoneware began making crocks in the late s. Early crocks with side wall stamps are more valuable than those without it. Prior to , all designs.

Crocks, earth-ware pots or jars have been made for centuries, hand crafted in multiple countries around the world. Crocks have many uses and continue to be used in modern day society. Today, many choose to use crocks as pot plants or to hold decorative items. The many timeless uses of crocks have made them increasingly popular amongst antique collectors. Crocks were produced by many pottery companies. Some of the most valuable crocks today were originally produced by:.

Each of these well known pottery companies would mark the bottom of their crocks with an iconic symbol. For instance, Robinson Ransbottom would mark the base of crocks with a blue symbolic crown. After reading this article, if you are interested in buying your very own antique crock you may wish to search the following online sites:. If you are someone who likes to see an antique piece in person prior to purchasing it, crocks can also be found at local op shops, garage sales, estate sales and antique dealerships.

A number of factors determine the value of an antique crock. When sourcing an antique item, the first instinct is to turn it over to look for markings. An antique stoneware crock will often have the company logo etched into the bottom.

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A new line of stoneware — from crocks to bean pots, pantry jars to planters — is being made by a firm using the name Red Wing Stoneware Company. This new company is located in Red Wing, Minnesota and uses markings similar to earlier potteries from the same town whose products are widely collected. Unless you are familiar with the specific marks, it would be fairly easy to mistake the name and marks on new production for older collectible pieces.

Currently, the oldest Red Wing piece in Past and Present Home Gallery is this 6 gallon crock dating around the year ! Because of the richness of the clay in.

Red Wing pottery refers to American stoneware , pottery , or dinnerware items made by a company initially set up in Red Wing, Minnesota , in by German immigrant John Paul, [1] which changed its names several times until finally settling on Red Wing Potteries, Inc. Pottery was and is produced in Red Wing, MN by under various names from to the present. Many different ink stamped, impressed, and hand painted marks were used. Pottery produced by John Paul, a German immigrant potter, in a farm near Red Bull, over the years through to , using the techniques he had previously learned.

The pottery production was continued by William M. An offshoot of Red Wing Terra Cotta Works, the Minnesota Stoneware Company was in production from to , making a salt-glazed version of the pottery. North Star Stoneware was in production from to Red Wing Stoneware Company was in operation from to In B.

Red Wing Pottery

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Red Wing Stoneware Canisters. With an American craft heritage dating back to the late 19th century, this set of canisters from Red Wing Stoneware Co. is made​.

Red Wing Stoneware Identification. In the earlier years of production, Red Wing potters took great pride in finishing their hand turned pieces with a hand drawn cobalt blue design such as a butterfly or bird. This article will help identify Red Wing stoneware over their 90 some years of production by covering many of these designs and stamps the potters used to mark their wares. The Early Years. The Red Wing Stoneware company first began producing utilitarian stoneware in These early pieces were covered with a rich tan salt glaze and decorated with a beautiful hand drawn image.

These images were drawn on crocks, butter churns, water coolers and jugs. Even with these pictures to identify, it can still be challenging to determine for sure if the stoneware is indeed Red Wing as other stoneware makers used designs similar to these.

Dating red wing stoneware

Artifacts including jewelry, basketry, carved figures, and clothing and accessories from the Southwest region of the U. A pre-Columbian vessel with a dynamic three-dimensional jaguar effigy head is one of the lots vying for top lot status in Artemis Gallery’s Nov. Utility is one of the defining characteristics of primitives and an appealing aspect for collectors. Learn more What does a recorded LP of the Broadway hit ‘Hamilton’ signed by the cast have in common with ancient pottery from Ecuador?

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Red Wing Pottery According to papers on file at the Minnesota Historical Society, dates the beginning of the Red Wing Stoneware Company, forerunner of.

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A new line of stoneware – from crocks to bean pots, pantry jars to planters – is being made by a firm using the name Red Wing Stoneware Company. This new.

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Antique 8 Gallon Red Wing Crock with Large Red Wing Marking

This piece is a vase and was probably made during the late s or perhaps s, and no, it is not an antique — yet. The vase in the enclosed pictures has been in my possession for a long time. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how or when I obtained it. The color is a lovely light shade of green, and the vase is in perfect condition. My friend tells me it is an antique.

Red Wing (Minnesota) stoneware 5 gallon water cooler in the doctor’s office. It’s hard to guess a date on this, but the original Red Wing Stoneware was made.

They made primarily utilitarian ware, and then in the s, they had an art pottery line. It’s a gallon crock, which is a pretty big crock. Value can change: The value of an item is dependent upon many things, including the condition of the object itself, trends in the market for that kind of object, and the location where the item will be sold. These are just some of the reasons why the answer to the question “What’s it worth?

Note the date: Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded. This information appears in the upper left corner of the page, with the label “Appraised On. Context is key: Listen carefully. Most of our experts will give appraisal values in context. For example, you’ll often hear them say what an item is worth “at auction,” or “retail,” or “for insurance purposes” replacement value.

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